Defence Industry

As one of the leading suppliers of flexible hose assemblies to the MOD and defence-related industries, Aeroflex has built up a vast pool of specialist knowledge and experience in this most demanding of markets.

This experience, together with a commitment to continuous quality management has enabled Aeroflex to further develop its product range to meet the specific requirements of all the armed forces.

We supply hose assemblies to the Army for use on fighting vehicles, support vehicles and ground missile systems; to the Navy for use on various ships systems and diving equipment; and to the RAF for ground support applications such as gas charging hoses for aircraft systems and hoses for aircraft de-humidification.

Aeroflex also supply a wide range of defence contractors including prime builders of tanks, fighting vehicles, ships, submarines and weapons systems and many sub-contractors whose work with the MOD involves the procurement of hose assemblies for supply with their own product.

We are one of the principle Aeroquip specialists and sole UK suppliers of their military and marine products. Aeroflex provides expert technical support and advice on this extensive range of flexible hose assemblies, fittings, adaptors and self-seal quick release couplings.

The Aeroquip range, which meets international, SAE and DIN specification, includes products for hydraulic, steam, air and fuel systems operating from low pressure to 1000 Bar. End fittings can be supplied in a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze and mild steel.