Made To Order

To ensure hoses and connectors are best suited for application, each assembly is made to order.
This ensures suitable gas pressure/duty, end connections and length.

When designing hoses and cylinder connectors it is important to verify the gas duty including variation in mixes, pressures and temperatures. To prevent excessive loading on hoses, ensure the length is suitable and end fittings are to required standards.

All hoses and connectors are available in a wide range of standard end fittings (BSP, NPT, JIC, SAE etc.) They can be manufactured in Brass, Stainless steel, Monel or Ali Bronze. (Also plated mild steel for some applications).

If 3.1 certificates are required please specify at point of order to discuss rates. For specialist applications, 3.2 certification with Independent validation is available. (Fees apply)
Additional safety features such as anti-cables and bend limiters can be added to ensure the safety of operators.

Please contact our offices to customise your order.